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tyco:Door  -  Door System with thermal break

Coplanar door entry system with thermal break for commercial premises and buildings.

With a transmission value from only 0.9 W/m²K, it offers unbeatable thermal features and its great glazing capacity guarantees maximum acoustic insulation.

Possibility of high resistance hinges (face fix or reinforced into the channel) capable of supporting up to 220 kgs in weight per sash.

Possibility of hidden hinges with maximum dimensions and weight per sash of 2,700 mm in height, 1,500 mm in width and 120 kgs, and with a maximum sash opening of 100°.

It offers solutions of finishing to the floor and compatible meeting styles from our actual systems.

It is valid as a configuration for an emergency exit with anti-panic devices according to EN 179 & EN 1125 norms.

There is also the option of incorporating an automatic mechanism or motorisation that allows automatic hinge openings.

Accoustic insulation


Maximum glazing: 54 mm

Maximum accoustic insulation Rw = 38 dB




Uw from 0.9 (W/m²K)

Please consult typology, dimensions and glass


Opening possibilities


Options for Open In

Practicable 1 & 2 sashes


Options for Open Out

Practicable 1 & 2 sashes

Maximum dimensions & weight


Width (L) per sash = 1,800 mm

Height (H) = 3,000 mm


Maximum weight per sash = 220 kg

Maximum weight per sash = 120 kg (with hidden hinges)

Sections thickness


Frame – 70 mm

Sash – 70 mm


Categories achieved at test centre


Air permeability (EN 12207:2000): CLASS 4

Water tightness (EN 12208:2000): CLASS 6A

Wind resistance (EN 12210:2000): CLASS C4


Door reference test 1.20 x 2.30 m (1 sash)


Resistance to mild impact (EN 13049:2003): CLASS 5 (max)


Door reference test 1.80 x 2.00 m (2 sashes with laminated glass 3+3)


Resistance to repeated openings and closings (EN 1191:2000):

500,000 cycles


Door reference test 0.935 x 2.10 m (1 sash)




Possibility of dual colour

Colour powder coating (RAL, mottled & rough)

Wood effect powder coating

Anti-bacterial powder coating


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