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Anodising is the surface treatment that is capable of obtaining an aluminium oxide coating (AI203) on the base aluminium surface by way of an electrolyctic process consistent in producing the circulation of a continuous current through an electrolyte with an acid base.

With this process, an artificial increase of up to 1000 times the thickness of the natural aluminium oxide coating is achieved, obtaining  great protection against corrosion and abrasion. Its own characteristics of this material with regard to resistance and durability are increased considerably using this surface treatment, converting it in this way as an ideal material for building enclosures in coastal zones and subject to hard climatic conditions.

We have available an extensive anodising colour range: bordeaux, blue, green, ivory, black, grey, bronze, inox (stainless steel), champagne, gold, natural, copper and  acier, that once more demonstrates its innovative character. All these colours can at the same time be presented as different finishes after subjecting the profile to mechanical surface treatments, and therefore obtaining matt-grain, rough brushed, bright, brushed, polished, re-polished or combinations of any of these finishes.


Class 10: 10-14 microns. For internal use only.

Class 15: 15-19 microns. Standard class. External use.

Class 20: 20-24 microns. For use in aggresive conditions, industrial areas and marine contamination.

Clase 25: 25 microns. Maximum protection. For contaminated industrial atmospheres

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